Our Impact Report

Mental health is paramount. Tahlia's studio is a proud ambassador of Hand In Hand, a new organisation local to the city of Ballarat that is dedicated to raising awareness for youth mental health. Through their fundraising efforts and working closely with The Sebastian Foundation, Hand In Hand raises funds to distribute the Open Parachute program to schools throughout Victoria. 

The studio donated 3 large metal prints to their charity gala, raising $15,800 which granted over 500 young ones valuable mental health resources and management skills.

The Ballarat Wildlife Park

This beloved park was the playground of my childhood. Sketching alongside kangaroos and wombats was a highlight of my early years.

The year we opened up the print house, we were overwhelmed with love. Growing up my mother always told me to pay it forward. So, one winter afternoon we went to The Ballarat Wildlife Park with a big donation.

From there, our connection to the wildlife blossomed as your art purchases improved the quality of life for others. Enriching native critters and Sumatran Tigers.

Today, I paint these adored beauties for the park's seasonal auctions and will soon be collaborating with them to bring unique animal prints to their store.